Towable Center Pivot

Options for Irrigating Multiple Fields

towable Centre PIVOTs


Irrigate two or more fields while lowering your installation cost per hectare with a towable center pivot from Valmont® Irrigation. These easy-to-move center pivots maximize your investment: Each machine can be moved in less than a half hour, and irrigates anywhere from two to 121.5 hectares  Valley towable pivots provide another option for irrigating production ag fields up to 457 meters (1,500 feet). Available for the 8120 series and 5120 series, these allow you to irrigate multiple fields with just one machine. Each pivot can be towed from one field to another in less than an hour. The Valley towable gearbox includes all of the features and benefits of the patented, made-in-the-USA Valley gearbox. A lower-cost gearbox option also is available.

Towable Center Pivot Options

2-Wheel E-Z Tow

Allows for up to 5 spans.
Maximum machine length: 335 meters.
Excellent for multi-directional towing or part-circle applications.
Comes standard with tongue hitch design.
Easy to use.

4-Wheel E-Z Tow

Available in two pipe diameter options: 219 mm and 254 mm (6 5/8” and 8 5/8”).
Maximum machine length: 457 meters.
Can be anchored on concrete pad or utilize earth anchors.
Tongue hitch for quick, secure hook-up without cables.
Fixed wheel or pivot position easily rotates to tow in any direction.

Skid Pivot

Low-cost option that's best used for infrequent towing.
Can handle the longest towable units.
Perfect for supplemental irrigation.
Not available for 219 mm pivot point.

Quick-Tow Pivot Point

5" diameter pipeline.
3-point hitch hook-up tow option.
Span lengths: 33,4 - 60,6 meters
Low-cost option for frequent towing.
Intended for less demanding terrain and soils.
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