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remote management


Integration of real time data flowing into your Valley365 app from your remote devices in the field, measuring soil moisture, wind and temperature now, looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow you can decide when to remotely schedule your irrigation cycle.  From anywhere, on your phone, tablet or desktop schedule your cycle where and when it is needed and watch it start by controlling your pumps, pivots remotely.  


Forecast & Plan: 
Valley Scheduling improves water application

Monitor & Control: 
The tried-and-true power of AgSense technology

Insights & Analysis: 
Valley Insights, powered by Prospera

Optimize & Apply: 
Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)

valley basestation3™

Remote Access:
Take total control of your operation - anytime, anywhere.

Use on Any Device:
Access from most smartphones, laptops or PCs.

Get Alerts:
Email, text and push notifications.

Valley Run Time®

Keep Track Anytime:
Keep track of your pivot run time at any time.

Use Any Brand of Pivot:
Use with any brand of center pivot


Built into every ICON smart panel

Access real-time status of your pivot and other inputs.

Now available with multi-year licenses.


Built into every ICON® smart panel

Compatible with all brands and types of irrigation equipment

Web-based platform that reduces cost
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