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Complete customization – The Valley Rainger™ gives you the ability to customize the equipment to fit your field. Configure your machine using the Valley Rainger lateral cart, engineered for long life with a durable five-inch (127 mm) structural steel frame. The patented Valley® Rainger™ Lateral is ideal for irrigating large fields. It uses a one-cart platform that is completely customizable to your needs and your operation. Based on your infrastructure, water can be delivered to the Rainger through a ditch (i.e., canal) or a hose (pressured pipeline). This lateral has high-flow capabilities, which gives you the right amount of irrigation, no matter what you grow.
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Versatility – The Valley Rainger provides water source versatility with customizable Ditch (canal) and Hose Drag options. The frame is the same, no matter your water source; select what you need.
High flow – Valley Rainger laterals offer high-flow capabilities that are not available with other mechanized irrigation equipment.
Maximize irrigated areas: Typically irrigates 92-98% of a square or rectangular field.
Increase profitability: Helps reduce labor costs up to 50% compared to surface, side roll or hand move irrigation.
Water conservation: Conserves water by applying only the amount of water when and where needed.
Various applications: Does more than just irrigate; it can also be used for chemigation, fertigation, germination and leaching.
Valley quality: Comes standard with made-in-the-USA Valley gearboxes, providing you with the reliability, durability and quality you expect from the industry leader.


Rainger Lateral Hose Feed Specifications
Water source Pressurized pipeline
Power source Cart-mounted engine or power cord
Guidance GPS, above-ground, below-ground, furrow
Typical field size 22-67 acres
Typical flow rate 200-1,400 gpm
Rainger Lateral Ditch Feed Specifications
Water source Earthen ditch or concrete canal
Power source Cart-mounted genset
Guidance GPS, above-ground, below-ground, furrow
Typical field size 301-1,500 acres
Typical flow rate 500-4,500 gpm
Chemigation On-board tank
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