Autopilot Linear

GPS Ready Irrigation

AutoPilot Linear


The Valley® AutoPilot Linear control panel is the perfect choice for GPS farming. This GPS-ready irrigation technology allows your linear to automatically perform functions similar to a center pivot. The AutoPilot measures the lateral position and direction of travel of the linear, allowing functions to be easily programmed to run automatically. The AutoPilot Linear control panel measures the position and travel direction of your linear machine, allowing you to program it to run automatically.
Program your linear pivot like a centre pivot.
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Easily program your field map with the custom Valley mapping tool to match changes in farm practices or field boundaries.
Available for use with all hose drag and earthen canals.
The only control panel available specifically for linears
Add Valley CommanderVP(R) to provide remote monitoring
and control capabilities
Control primary and secondary end guns
Can be programmed to change direction, stop and change speed
Start/stop chemigation based on field position


GPS-ready for GPS Position
Turn primary and secondary end guns on and off
Change speed to change application depths
Apply chemicals
Auto-reverse or auto-stop
Allows you to gather accurate data about the machine’s position
Can program control panels to apply different levels of water and crop protection/fertility products precisely
Meets GPS accuracy standards for precise location operations of auto reverse and end gun control
Offers a potential for higher yields and lower input costs because water is applied more efficiently
Eliminates the need for below-ground cable, aboveground wire, or furrow guidance options
Easily program the field map with the custom Valley mapping tool to match changes in farm practices or field boundaries
Available for use with all hose drag and earthen canals

Two-Wheel Valley, Universal and Rainger
Swing-Around Linears

The Valley Universal Linear with the AutoPilot Linear control panel will automatically transition from linear to pivot mode. The Valley Rainger and Two-Wheel will also swing around, but require manual operation.
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