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wirelessly control your irrigation pumps

pump connect


Automate your pumps' operation with Pump Connect® from Valley®, and eliminate time-consuming trips to pump sites or expensive trenching to install wires.Pump Connect makes it possible to wirelessly control your pumps from your center pivot control panel. When the pivot calls for “Water On,” Pump Connect sends a radio signal to start the pump and get your water flowing.
Pumping Automation At Its Best.
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Precision Technology Integrations:

Remote Devices


Remote control capability: Wireless connection between pump and center pivot control panel automates pump operation.
Saves time: No more trips to the field to manually start and stop pumps.
Field serviceable: Easy-to-maintain, modular design allows individual components to be serviced without having to replace the entire unit.


Uses a 900 MHz, frequency-hopping radio with 1-watt output
Quick, visual indicator of the pump’s operating status
Multiple connection options: one center pivot to multiple pumps or multiple center pivots to one pump
Can be used with electrical or diesel pumps; and can be installed on linears
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