ICON10 SMart Panel

Largest Screen Maximum Control GPS & VRI READY

Icon10 Smart Panel


The Valley® ICON10 features the largest touchscreen in the new Valley ICON® line of smart panels. It’s similar to using the touchscreen on your tablet, but it’s on your center pivot.  Entering commands and programs with the Valley® ICON10 is easy with the 10-inch, full-color touchscreen display. The intuitive graphical user interface shows the real-time status of the center pivot through easy-to-understand screens and icons. See immediate changes in bright, vivid colors. The ICON10 makes managing your pivot fast and easy.
Free Up Time with Smart, Highly Intuitive Irrigation
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Increased flexibility
Control at the pivot and control remotely
No more damaged crops from driving to the pivot point
Time and money savings


Highly visible: 10-inch, full-color touchscreen display
Easy-to-Use: Intuitive interface
WiFi Access:  Option available through the ICON app
Advanced: AgSense® comes built in and ready to use
Flexible: BaseStation3™ compatible
Patented Valley Cruise Control™
Maximizes benefit: Variable rate irrigation (VRI) equipped
Secure: Cable theft monitoring (additional hardware or subscription required)

End Gun Programming

VRI Speed Control Programming

Sector Programs
Image is not available
ICON10: Sector Programs
Sector Programs Made Simple
ICON10 Intro
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ICON10 Smart Panel Intro
Real Time Status, Panel or Remote Control.
Cruise Control
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ICON10: Cruise Control
Set how long your machine will take to complete a full circle.
Daily Operations
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ICON10: Daily Operations
Schedule Automatic Start and Stop Times
Edge of Field WiFi
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ICON10: Edge of FIeld WiFi
Localised WiFi Signal for Edge of Field Management without the need for internet.
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