5120 series Small Pivot

for smaller fields to 24 acres

5120 Centre PIVOT


When it comes to irrigation equipment, Valmont® Irrigation knows that one size does not fit all. The Valley® line of small field center pivots share the same high-quality design and performance as all other Valley products but is designed to meet the specific needs of fields of 24 hectares or fewer. The Valley 5120 series center pivot provides a cost-effective irrigation solution for smaller fields. Created specifically for production agriculture, this durable machine comes with the reliability and aftermarket support that only Valley dealers can provide. The Classic control panel is available for the 5120 series basic operations.
Put high-performance center pivots to work for your small fields of 24 hectares or less.
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High-performance design made specifically for smaller fields.
Ideal for smallholder growers with limited access to electricity.
Available with either gasoline or hydraulic drives.


Moves easily: Reduced running weight
Low-energy use: Powered by public power or generator
Reliable: Proven drive train and exclusive, made-in-the-USA Valley gearboxes
Options: Choice of control panels
Proven: Most durable structure in the industry


• 127 mm (5”) pipe diameter options
• 250 m (820’) maximum machine length
• 2.74 m (108”) outlet spacing
• 34.2-61.7 m (112.5-202.5’) span lengths
• Single-phase power option
• Hook-and-eye joint
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