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Valley ICON Link is a remote management module designed exclusively for and included with every Valley ICON® smart panel. It provides full remote programming of control panel functions and monitoring of center pivot agricultural equipment via the AgSense app or through Valley BaseStation3™. With a robust feature set that includes the ability to process commands at industry-leading speeds, ICON Link is the key to unlocking the full potential of Valley ICON smart panels from anywhere in the world.  Now available with multi-year licenses.
Built in and ready to use.
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Precision Technology Integrations:

Remote Devices


Monitor:  Access real-time status of your pivot and other inputs.
Control:  Manage your irrigation machine from your mobile device or desktop.
Report:  Learn from your past with historical data in easy-to-read, customizable formats.


Center pivot and panel monitoring and control
Comprehensive reporting
Field-changeable cell modem
Email and text alerts
Over-the-air panel updates
Cable theft detection and pump control (additional hardware or subscription required)

take control of every drop

VRI-iS: Variable Rate Irrigation Individual Sprinkler
Valley® VRI Individual Sprinkler control (VRI-iS) gives you the greatest level of control in center pivot water application. It gives you peace of mind knowing you're using valuable water resources wisely. Use your Valley VRI prescription to apply water when and where it's needed, and eliminate irrigating unnecessary areas in your fields. Use our advanced VRI software tool to prescribe the optimum application depth.
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