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The Aqua Trac is a standalone solar-powered unit that utilizes soil moisture probes and sensors so you can track and measure soil moisture conditions in your fields remotely. Aqua Trac’s easy-to-understand user interface makes it possible to monitor and control all your Valley soil moisture-monitoring devices from virtually anywhere in the world.
You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure.
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Precision Technology Integrations:

Remote Devices


Easily implement irrigation decisions based on soil moisture profile with the click of a button.
Read nearly any major soil moisture probe brand, including AquaCheck, Sentek, Decagon and Watermark.
Data is pushed directly to easy-to-read graphs on the Valley 365 dashboard.
View moisture conditions within Valley Scheduling, on Valley or with the Valley 365 app on a smartphone or tablet.
Take the guesswork out of subsurface soil moisture content to prevent irrigation mistakes, saving time, water and money.
Keep fertilizer and crop protection chemicals in the desired root zone to prevent ground water contamination.
Automatically share results with your agronomy partners in simple electronic graphs and charts.
Monitor root zone activity, and use irrigation rate and timing to optimize root development.
Enhance irrigation scheduling efforts with ground-truth soil capacity data.
Available through multiple agronomic partners as part of their irrigation management program.
Aqua Trac Pro reads a digital capacitance probe and/or Watermark sensors, drip pressure transducer, flow, temperature, rainfall and tank/pond levels.
Aqua Trac Lite reads a digital capacitance probe, flow, temperature and rainfall.


Soil Moisture Percentage
Soil Temperature
Water Pressure
Tank Levels
Battery Voltage
Last Reading
Volumetric Water Content of the Soil
Historical Reports
External Pressure
ET Gauge
GPS Location
Cell Signal
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AgSense Testimonial - AquaTrac
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AgSense Testimonial - AquaTrac
AquaTrac 1
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AgSense Testimonial - AquaTrac
AquaTrac 4
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AgSense Testimonial - AquaTrac

take control of every drop

VRI-iS: Variable Rate Irrigation Individual Sprinkler
Valley® VRI Individual Sprinkler control (VRI-iS) gives you the greatest level of control in center pivot water application. It gives you peace of mind knowing you're using valuable water resources wisely. Use your Valley VRI prescription to apply water when and where it's needed, and eliminate irrigating unnecessary areas in your fields. Use our advanced VRI software tool to prescribe the optimum application depth.
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