ICONx Smart Panel

Make any centre pivot control smart

iconx Smart panel


The Valley® ICONX takes control of existing center pivot panels, no matter the pivot brand, using the panel’s circuits and delivering full Valley ICON® touch control. Now all of your center pivots can be on one network.  The Valley® ICONX is the first and only remote management panel that gives growers full control at the pivot point with an easy-to-use touchscreen. It uses your existing control panel, Valley or other brand, as a host to pass through commands to control your center pivot. The ICONX is an affordable way to bring advanced technology to your operation and into the Valley/AgSense® technology family. By using the 5-inch touchscreen, the ICONX allows for easy, intuitive full control at the pivot point and remotely on one consistent connected network.
Complete Control with Proven ICON Technology.
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An easy upgrade for existing machines to add new features
Compatible with any major branch of pivot
No more damaged crops or soil compaction from driving to the pivot.
Time and money savings.
Intuitive user interface.
Overlap Zone Alert
Integrated with agronomy software platforms, allowing prescriptions to be pushed to the panel
Valley GPS Position and End Pressure


Versatile: Compatible with most center pivot brands.
Complete control: Full ICON control functions at the center pivot.
Uses power and control circuits in the host panel and transfers control to the ICONX
Easy-to-Use: Intuitive interface
5-inch, full-color touchscreen display.
Advanced: AgSense® comes built in and ready to use.
Flexible: BaseStation3™ compatible
Maximizes benefit: Variable rate irrigation (VRI) equipped.
Secure: Cable theft monitoring (additional hardware or subscription required).
Step Programs
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ICONX: Step Programs
How to write a Step Program
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ICONX Smart Panel Intro
Convert any brand Centre Pivot control to a smart touch control panel.
VRI Speed Prescription
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ICONX: VRI Speed Prescription
How to write a VRI Speed Prescription on the ICONX
Selector Programs
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ICONX: Selector Programs
How to write a Sector Program on turn water on and off at certain sectors.
Daily Operations
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ICONX: Daily Operations
How to program times to automatically start and stop the machine.
Customize Screen
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ICONX: Customise Screen
How to customise the main screen to show the features you use often.
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