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There's a good chance GPS is being used in nearly every new implement on your farm. So it makes sense to incorporate it into your irrigation operation. Valley® GPS Position uses Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) to accurately pinpoint the position of your center pivot or linear. The GPS calculations are performed inside your GPS-Ready control panel, so you don't need to waste precious hours connecting to and working from another computer. Ultimately, GPS Position allows you to be more efficient with your time.  

Using the latest technology in communications delivery, Valley® GPS Guidance for corners and linears has been re-engineered for greater reliability in communication, to provide improved steering accuracy.Our custom-designed solution uses power line carriers (PLCs) to communicate RTK GPS correction signals to more accurately steer your machines around the field and eliminates the need for radios altogether. You can rest assured knowing your machine is moving along the path you programmed.
Gain enhanced precision agriculture for modern irrigation.
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Precision Technology Integrations:

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Saves time and money:  you don't have to invest in applying crop inputs where they aren’t needed, or you can apply extra, if needed.
Easy to use:  Enhanced management capabilities.
More accurate: Precision application of water, fertilizers and crop inputs.
Maximum benefit: Higher yield potential and lower input costs.
Options: Valley ICON series and AutoPilot Linear control panels are shipped to you with GPS Position capability.


Available for center pivots and linears
Requires a GPS-Ready control panel: Valley ICON® series or AutoPilot Linear
Accurate GPS Position information gathered from the last drive unit for center pivots and from the cart for linears
WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) enabled receiver provides accuracy of +/- 10 feet


Better communication: Valley GPS Guidance eliminates the need for radios, leveraging PLCs for greater dependability in communication.

Flexible: The guidance path can be easily reprogrammed with the exclusive Valley mapping tool to match changes in farm practices or field boundaries.
More consistent performance: Built-in terrain compensation reduces over-steering on rolling terrain or high ridges, resulting in a straighter and more consistent wheel track for less crop damage.

Reliable technology: With direct connection to the control panel, Valley GPS Guidance can provide highly accurate pivot position to any Valley GPS-ready control panel for help with end guns, VRI and stop-in-slot.

Versatile: Valley GPS Guidance is compatible with all Valley control panels and corner models. It also easily retrofits into an existing John Deere/NavCom or Trimble multi- or single-frequency system.


Can be retrofitted to existing corner equipment.
Requires a GPS Guidance panel, in addition to your existing control panel.
Available GPS Guidance Option with no subscription fee: Valley Single Frequency RTK GPS is an economical guidance option available for new and retro Valley Precision Corners® and Valley VFlex™ Corners – with no subscription fees.
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