ICON5 Smart panel

centre pivot total control

ICON5 Smart Panel


The Valley® ICON5 is an excellent option for growers who want the latest technology in center pivot irrigation control and like the versatility of push-button and touchscreen interaction. It features a smaller, 5-inch touchscreen interface with soft keys that mirror the touch control functions.
Transition to Smart Irrigation the easy way.
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Monitor: Access real-time status of your pivot and other inputs.
Report: Learn from your past with historical data in easy-to-read, customizable formats.
Manage: Control your irrigation machine from your mobile device or desktop.


5-Inch, full-color touchscreen display
Intuitive user interface
Soft-touch buttons for feature selection and navigation
AgSense® comes built in and ready to use
BaseStation3™ compatible
Variable rate irrigation (VRI) equipped
Cable theft monitoring (additional hardware or subscription required)
Patented Valley Cruise Control™

End Gun Programming

VRI Speed Control Programming

Step Programs
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ICON5: Step Programs
How to write a Step Program
ICON5 Intro
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ICON5 Smart Panel Intro
5 Inch Touch Screen Display
VRI Speed Prescription
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ICON5: VRI Speed Prescription
How to write a VRI Speed Prescription on the ICON5
Selector Programs
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ICON5: Selector Programs
How to write a Sector Program on turn water on and off at certain sectors.
Daily Operations
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ICON5: Daily Operations
How to program times to automatically start and stop the machine.
Customize Screen
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ICON5: Customise Screen
How to customise the main screen to show the features you use often.
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