Drive train

Centre drive

The Valley center drive is built stronger, lasts longer and uses less energy than other irrigation drive motors. That’s why we back it with the best warranty in the industry – eight years full parts and labor. Plus, we offer a wide selection of center drive options to match your farming practices.

Added Benefits

- More tooth contact for longer life, more torque capacity and smoother power transmission.
- Operates at temperatures 20° F (11° C) lower than competitive motors, doubling insulation life and increasing motor life.
- Valley-exclusive coating prevents corrosion.
- Internally vented junction box prevents moisture and contaminants from corroding the wire connections.
- Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel bolts mean easy maintenance.

drive train

You know the gearbox is the heart of your center pivot. If the gearbox isn’t working, the center pivot isn’t working.
That’s why Valley Irrigation is the only center pivot company in the world that manufactures its gearboxes in the USA.
Rather than buying the lower-cost gearboxes from overseas that our competitors use, the patented Valley gearbox is manufactured in Nebraska using only U.S. vendors that meet our quality standards.

Before it is shipped to you, each gearbox is extensively tested for functionality and durability. You can trust the Valley gearbox to provide you with long, trouble-free, economical equipment life


Large-capacity rubber diaphragm

Expands with heat and pressure to minimize water condensation.


Input and output bearings

American-made and case-hardened to provide the highest quality and load rating available in the industry.


Worm gear

High-strength ductile iron provides significantly longer wear life than steel and prevents gear tooth wear.


Tooth design

Industry-exclusive 25˚ tooth angle provides 40 percent more strength, longer life and better reliability in tough conditions compared to normal 14.5˚ tooth designs.


52:1 gear ratio

Full recessed tooth design keeps oil between engaged gears.


Threaded endcap

Allows accurate bearing preload to ensure long bearing life.


Expansion chamber

Cap made of corrosion-resistant cast aluminum; rubber diaphragm allows oil to expand and contract during operation. Vented cap prevents pressure buildup and prevents seal from leaking.


Largest bull gear neck and keyway

For extra strength in a critical
load-bearing area.


Bull gear

High-strength cast iron provides highest load capacity in the industry and longest life. Optional bronze gear is available for extreme conditions.


Multi-viscosity gearbox oil

Exceeds 85W-140 GL5 oil for long gear wear under extreme load conditions.


Longest output shaft (steel)

Exclusive to Valley gearboxes. Provides extra clearance between gearbox and wheel flange to reduce mud buildup, which reduces seal damage and extends
gearbox life.
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